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Producer of polyester high tenacity yarns

Products per application

The Sioen yarn is used in many applications.

In geotextiles, the Sioen yarn can be used in residential and commercial construction, drainage and erosion control, road and railroad construction, shoreline protection, sludge containment and landscaping amongst others. The Sioen high tenacity, high modulus and low creep properties serve to keep soil and rocks in place.

Sioen yarns are also used in ropes, hoses and mooring (for boating, marine lines, sporting lines, fire fighter hoses, low pressure hoses for residential usage) and in offshore mooring (for deep-water environments such as oil and gas production platforms). On request the yarn can be supplied with adhesion active finish enhancing rubber adhesion properties or with marine finish giving better abrasion resistance and increase durability and life expectancy.

The Sioen yarns are also used in industrial and commercial conveyor beltsautomotive power transmission and belts, in narrow fabrics and in marine applications such as sailcloth and in coated textiles.